Required Reading: Rob Curley in Fast Company

If you haven’t found the time to read this article about hyperlocal/multimedia journalism rockstar Rob Curley yet, now’s the time.

That’s right.

Stop what you’re doing, hit that link, and get some ideas:

“He was also tackling one of the industry’s toughest problems: how to engage the elusive 18- to 24-year-old set. His team did it by remaking, a site separate from the paper’s online home, as an alternative-entertainment hub for college students. The sarcasm and profanity sounded authentic to readers, but behind the attitude was a sophisticated approach to service and interactivity. Databases of local-music gigs and daily drink specials made the site useful. Offbeat reader blogs made it unpredictable. ‘The site belonged to them, not us,’ Curley says.”

Lots more where that came from.