Advice for recent J-School grads

Expecting a serious post about what I think journalism students should be learning in order to get a great job when they graduate?

Been there. Done that.

Instead, go check out what my all-time favorite Spartan Daily columnist has to say on the topic. Especially if you’re an SJSU student or alum – you’ll get a few more of the jokes. Long live SJSUCK.

3 thoughts on “Advice for recent J-School grads”

  1. 1. Happy Birthday, you old, old, old man.

    2. Congratulations. Where do you work, sucker?

    3. Thanks for linking the bloggy blog. Look for more crappy posts in the future. Dan, does Random Words run in the Spartan Daily proper? (Ha, Spartan Daily proper). Viva Spartan Daily improper!


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