My left armpit business model

[Ed. note: This post takes care of my smart-ass quota for the month.]

In the middle of an uninteresting handwringer where nothing new is written about the future/death/rebirth/downfall of newspapers (pointing out the existence of craigslist is so 2005), Michael Kinsley writes at

“But there is room between the New York Times and for new forms that liberate journalism from its encrusted conceits while preserving its standards, like accuracy.”

So the funny bit is that is a fictional site, a figure of speech, but the link is live and the URL is available.

If I were just slightly more enterprising than I am, I’d buy that URL right now, set up a splog full of future-of-newspapers handwringing and plant a gazillion ads on the page, just to see how many readers would click through.

Think I could make back my nine bucks for the URL?

I’ll leave it to someone else to try.

I wonder if the URL was linked on purpose, or if the CMS just does it automagically, which is nice, except when you’re just pointing someone to some easy money.

The big shocker here is why no one already owns Also available.