How Web Writers Get Held Responsible for the Lawyers, the Sales Guys and Even the Coffeemaker

Christopher Conklin provides a relatively clear introduction to the math involved in CPM-based online advertising sales, in the context of trying to settle an argument between Henry Blodget and Felix Salmon. How Web Writers Get Held Responsible for the Lawyers, the Sales Guys and Even the Coffeemaker

Street by street, block by block

Back in the early days of grad school, when questions about the future of online advertising came up, I was bullish about the future of location-based mobile advertising that would by contextually relevant to the content you were viewing and the place you were sitting. I was wrong about a big piece of how this […]

Carnival of Journalism: Are we asking the right questions about online revenue models?

As is my habit, I’m running behind on my Carnival of Journalism post this month, set to the timely and tuneful whistles and bangs of talk about whether a newspaper’s online revenue could support the newsroom, how long the newspaper of record will keep the press running, and what a major metro in a failed […]

Dealing with the elephant: Cutting ties to the legacy albatross

[Some time ago, I wrote a series of posts that attempted to address some of the revenue-related issues facing traditional news organizations and suggested some possible solutions to making incremental (and larger) changes that might help them stay profitable. For no good reason, I’m going to carry on the ill-advised, barely meaningful elephant metaphor (or […]

Dealing with the elephant: Incremental change

This is the second post in a short series I’m going to write about the business model for online news before I go back to my usual divisive blathering about how to avoid bureaucracy and feed trolls.  The starting point, the givens in the equation, are listed here.  Suggest what I should tackle next using […]