So what the heck is an Inkling, and why should it be Invisible?

So I’ve made some changes around here. If you only read via RSS, now might be a nice time to click through and check it out.

First, a caveat, which is that the redesign is ongoing, and little things like colors and spacing and styles for some of the little features here and there are yet to be burned into your monitor for good, so if things are a little funny-looking, don’t despair.

Second of all…

What happened to Ryan Sholin’s J-School Blog?

Well, frankly, J-School is winding down, and as I start a career in the newspaper business, I’d prefer to be associated with something other than the fact that I’m a student, and that my name is Ryan Sholin. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But as the scope of this blog has morphed and grown and shrunk, it seems like a proper title is in order.

So what’s an Inkling, etc.?

The newspaper business is changing, and so is journalism education, and so are the technological paradigms that supposedly mark the boundaries of both. So, as the nineteenth-century rapid/mass communication method of ink-on-paper dries up, it’s time to go stand under the waterfall of clues, open your mouth and your ears, and see how the information flows.

Well that was more visceral than I expected.

The point is, clues are everywhere, but if you’ve got ink on your fingers, the odds are you’re looking in the wrong places.

Welcome to Invisible Inkling.

[DISCLAIMER: No one else is allowed to quit blogging if I happen to post something theoretical/philosophical/egotistical. Seriously.]

A Reminder

My opinions and analysis and ideas are mine, and have little to do with any employer, educational institution, or family that I might be associated with at any given moment. In fact, it’s often just the opposite, isn’t it?

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