A pizza a day

It’s a modest plan. When we went to Italy two years ago, I’m pretty sure it was a gelato a day, minus the one time we substituted some fantastic pastries. That could happen again, but the odds are good that I’ll be consuming, at minimum, either a pizza or a gelato every day of the 16 day trip that begins tomorrow.

Oh, and we’ll see some places and people and things, too.

The point is, expect a bit of quiet here until sometime around the 4th of July, and I’ll be a bit busy starting then, anyway. I’m sure I won’t be able to resist posting some pictures and video when we get back – but I don’t have any set plans to do anything from the road.

Leaving the laptop behind means my news sources will be RAI (translated by my wife as necessary) and the International Herald Tribune (as we walk by newsstands). I don’t think I’ve gone on that serious a no-media diet since starting grad school. If you desperately need to contact me for the next couple weeks, don’t hold your breath.