Salam Pax audio is online

One of the Salam Pax talks in San Jose last month is now online as a Commonwealth Club podcast here. It looks like the audio will also be on KQED (88.5 FM in the Bay Area). You can find the story I wrote for the Daily on his talk at SJSU here.

An excerpt from the Daily:

Although it was hard for Pax, who studied architecture, to see some of his favorite buildings destroyed, he said there was a sort of “euphoria” in the air when the war started.
“I was one of the people that were convinced there was absolutely no way we could get rid of Saddam on our own,” Pax said. “We had to basically make a deal with the devil.”
Pax said accepting foreign intervention in Iraq meant accepting a violent conflict.
“All you can do is cross your fingers and hope you don’t die during that war,” he said.

Related: Jeff Jarvis is trying to raise money to send an Iraqi blogger to J-School at CUNY, where Jarvis heads the new graduate program.

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