Look Ma, I got my pictures in the paper

So there was this ice storm, right? Well, sleet, slush, whatever you want to call it. I had just finished class, saw it starting, changed the dead batteries in the point-and-shoot, and starting fooling around. By the time I was done shooting useless video with my little ugly camera, one of our editors had spotted a snowball fight near Campus Village and called in to see if there were any photographers around to shoot it.

Not my department, but clearly fun. So I ran over there, shot some quick stuff (this is one of two I would actually call “decent,” and our online editor slammed it up into a slideshow.

Neat trick, eh? Posting breaking news online… who woulda thunk it?

1 thought on “Look Ma, I got my pictures in the paper”

  1. Wha??? You mean we can post news at it happens on a website? Get out!

    Now if only there were a person who could make this happen and ask guys like you to turn over there stuff to be posted… hmm, but does such a magical being exisit?


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