I like San Francisco signage

The last time I was in San Francisco, I battled with a bout of nostalgia as I missed the real City.

But hanging out in North Beach yesterday, I remembered the thing about San Francisco I noticed a few years back: The signage hasn’t been updated in 20 years or so.

San Francisco signage and scene

Check out the old-school logos. They’re all over town, especially the soda signage, for whatever reason. And not a trace of Copperplate Gothic Bold in sight. Seriously, Copperplate Gothic Bold is the new Comic Sans. It’s not a bad font on it’s own, but now it’s everywhere, etched on every new retail window in some cities. (I definitely noticed an onslaught of it in Boston, for example.)

I’m just sayin’, if there’s something I like about San Francisco (other than the fact we all had a good time yesterday, circumnavigating the festival going on in the park and eating cannoli) it’s the signage.

One last Flickr drop before we leave

The new camera is great. I just uploaded a few more shots to Flickr from this past weekend in L.A. with my Dad. The foggy trail is in Claremont Hills Wilderness Park – a pleasant little five-miler on fire road sort of stuff, with lots of joggers, dogs, etc. to keep us company. The picnic by the creek was somewhere just uphill of Mt. Baldy Village, if I was reading the signs correctly.

shadows and fog

New little camera is impressive

New camera = Canon Powershot A530. It’s a humble little point & shoot, but it kicks the crap out of our old one.

Then = slow shutter, barely in focus shots, low resolution, nothing sharp, lots of time in between frames.

newcamera0607 006

…that’s what I’m talkin’ about. Canon A530. Under $200. Google it, shop around, and then remember that NewEgg exists, and buy it there. It’s the second or third time we’ve made a smooth purchase at NewEgg – quick shipping, low price, high quality. We even returned something there once, just because we decided that trying to install an upgrade of Windows XP on a brand new hard drive was, um, apparently not possible. NewEgg was cool, walked us through the process, gave us the dough back, no worries.

To be fair, some of the fast-advancing and transferring goodness is thanks to the speedy Sandisk Ultra II 1.0GB SD card we picked up.

Whatever’s doing it, I’m enjoying it. And it’s only been, like an hour.

I’ll play with it for a few days, and maybe I’ll decide I don’t need to lug my SLR across Italy.