Children of a Lesser Evil…or…Googling Democracy

Thanks to Google, I have to rewrite my International Communications term paper from last semester.

Seriously, Sergey, Larry, do you have any idea how hard I work at getting this stuff straight? First you stand out as being downright *good* by specifically NOT planting any servers in China, signing any pledges, or editing any search results, and now you stand up, take a bow, and excuse yourselves from the “Clearly Not Evil” table.

Welcome to the “Lesser Evil” table, although it’s usually a strictly-politicians seating arrangement.

Rebecca MacKinnon (and her comments section) has the details on how exactly Google is being less evil than its brethren in Chinese search censorship.

This pops up as if it’s intended as a counterpoint to last week’s “Google doesn’t give up the cache to the feds” story, although John Battelle points out the protecting-our-own-propietary-information angle in that public nose-thumbing.

Funny how that works out, eh? I guess that whole being-a-hundred-billion-dollar-company thing (your stock price may vary) attracts just an eensy-weensy bit of attention.

Wow, am I hyphen-happy today or what? And now, back to our regularly scheduled pile of work…

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