Last Hurricane Wilma Update

I’m a little behind on this, but my Mom let me know last Thursday that after spending all day trying to fill up her car with gas, she found the electricity on back at the house upon her return.

More from her last update:

What a mess…..this was the WORST ever. I have lived here since 1965 and was immediately hit with Hurricane Betsy back then. We had a lot of flooding from that but now what we just had with Wilma which was the worst winds ever. This storm was HUGE, I mean really HUGE and it’s hard to understand the impact it had when the news has us looking good in the cool weather and sunshine that came afterwards and we had no flooding.

Our entire landscape has changed as all landscaping, trees that have been here a hundred years and telephone poles and CONCRETE 20 foot high electric poles were downed, snapped in two and it all laying in the streets. Trees were totally stripped bare of leaves and were turned brown.

Our entire backyard is filled with trees that were downed by the high winds. How our windows didn’t get broken is a miracle. Our condo complex was unrecognizable when we got outside. We had a huge amount of trees and foliage and fencing and even IRON GATES were torn from their hinges and thrown around. Fences were downed and blown around, trees and debris totally covered our parking lot and trees leaned against people apartments broken.

The amazing thing is that many in the condo immediately went out and started clearing a way for the cars to get in and out of the complex….and the next day, Tuesday morning, the entire landscaping crew came in with chain saws and cleared as much as possible to just get the parking driving area cleared. The next day on Wednesday they came back with their trucks and picked it all up and cleared most of the complex.

We have to wait for them to get back to clear our backyard and that is on our nickel as it’s not common area and we are wondering how much that is going to cost. Probably quite a bit as there is a lot of chainsaw work and then they need the tree chopper truck and they have to haul it out of the backyard to get it to that truck.

The landscapers and roofers will not run out of work for quite a long time.

If she has any time to upload some images & video later, I’ll link to them.

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