Hurricane Wilma Update

An update from my Mom, who has spent the day trying to find an open gas station in Miami:

Lines are hours long, as reported everywhere, and at the moment she’s in a line at a BP on Ives Dairy Road near 441, waiting for the station to refuel their generator (or were they adding another generator?).

Not expecting electricity at her house anytime soon, although one phone line is working now. She’s glad she got that Treo earlier this year, as she can check her email, IM, and text message when she’s in a place where the network isn’t that overloaded. Voice calls are working most everywhere. Her DSL line is probably fine, but with no power at home, she can’t really do much. She’ll be somewhere with power on Saturday, and should be uploading photos and video – I’ll post them here or link to them then.

She’s got plenty of propane for the grill, so it’s boiled-on-the-grill water to cook pasta, etc. for dinners. Stores are pushing cartloads of popular and obvious items to their front doors to cut down on lines, stampedes, etc.

She keeps asking me what’s getting reported – she’s worried that the rest of the country doesn’t really get how bad it is down there. There’s very little loss of life, but South Florida appears to be reeling after decades of near-misses. I was there for Andrew in 1992, and while it was completely deadly and devastating, the damage was confined to a relatively narrow band across South Miami — the whole city did not shut down in 1992.

For lists of what’s open as far as gas, food and lodging goes, check the Miami Herald,, or your favorite Miami mass media source. The lists aren’t terribly updated, but the Herald’s blog is reporting events at a pretty decent clip.

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