I’ll Be Checking For Cluetrain Tickets Later

A quick note to anyone following the Edupodder Censored thread: I’m a Journalism student, and I fully intend to talk to his boss and find out what the rationale is for not allowing Steve to talk to students on his podcast. I will tell both sides of this story. If you’re the boss in question, go ahead and drop me a line at ryansholin AT yahoo.com. Otherwise I’d love to ask you some questions when I get a chance. For now, I’m off to class.

2 thoughts on “I’ll Be Checking For Cluetrain Tickets Later”

  1. Looking back I see the mistake I made was in doing the podcast we did on campus and reserving the room as an employee. Frankly, at the time I did not see that as being distinct from my job in CFD. The work on Emerging Technology I had been for CFD was done mostly, but not totally, on my own time. I had been researching as well as teaching emerging technologies for CFD. So, I agree, that podcast that we did I should have coordinated with my supervisor, or not done at all near work.

    When I said I would not do that again and would only podcast in the future on my own time away from facilities where I work I was verbally told I could not interview students, even on my own time. There is some committee, I was told, that must approve such things. I have asked for clarification of that in writing. I do blog in my work area now, but only on my own time. I know of no acceptable use policy at the university that prevents that. Such a policy would have to be applied equally. I have my own laptop and do access the Internet using the wireless network.

    I still think a university is a place that should encourage discourse, creativity and new ideas. That is not a concept unique to cluetrain, it should be endemic to higher education.



  2. Ryan sent me the Podcast with the students. I listened to the whole thing and found it fascinating and the students perspective on the emerging technology was very specific and gave me food for thought. So much so, that I shared much of the opinions and thoughts with my own digital art students while I was teaching at St. Gregorys University in Oklahoma. They also found it interesting and as professionals owning their own businesses and trying not to be left behind by technology, they got into a great discussion about how the students learn today versus how we were forced to learn years ago.
    It is disheartening to hear that the podcasts with students opinions are not supported by the university. I for one, would definitely enjoy hearing more of the students thoughts led by someone with your experience. The university should be supportive of broader experience for the students getting their opinions out to the public. There was nothing in that podcast that was hurtful to the university and I was impressed that I had the opportunity to share in it.



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