Reading Rudy Rucker

My three posts this afternoon have all been strictly anti-establishment, so I thought I’d lighten the mood by sharing something I’ve only begun to discover…

Rudy Rucker is a painter, a science-fiction author, a photographer, a cinematographer, a collector of gnarl, and a Professor in the Computer Science department at SJSU.

He’s listed as “recently retired,” but he’s teaching a class this Fall.

I haven’t read any of Rudy’s books yet, but I’m really enjoying what he writes on his blog – it pleases me to see other folks in the neighborhood interested in the bees and banana slugs, wondering what they’re up to, and enjoying just watching what the river does when it crosses the rocks.

So thanks for writing and posting lots of pictures and little video bits on your blog, Prof. Rucker – I’ll be sure to check out your books or your class a little later in the Summer.