Chinese Democracy Continued…

Rebecca MacKinnon of Global Voices is staying on Microsoft’s case about the Chinese Democracy issue. She’s aggregating some Chinese blogger response to Scoble and Dare and Microsoft in general:

“Hopesome (legally registered in Fujian) reprimands Scoble: “China doesn’t have a single law or regulation saying that sensitive words like “democracy” and “freedom” should be forbidden.”

If that’s a fact, it means that MSN Spaces is just encouraging forcing Chinese bloggers to censor themselves.

Isaac Mao is calling for a boycott of MSN Spaces, which is clearly easier than a boycott of Microsoft.

Let me know when companies that sell newsprint start telling newspapers what they can call themselves.

I’ve been listening to the podcasts/Skypecasts that Global Voices has started putting together: check out Rebecca’s conversation with Isaac Mao here (32min/15MB).

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