A Globe, Clothing Itself With A Brain*

*Pierre Teilhard de Chardin?

This morning, I was listening to the pReboot podcast of Robert Scoble being interviewed by Nicole Simon. (mp3)

It’s been fun playing the “keeping up with Scoble” game since he spoke at SJSU last February…yeah, yeah, I got Scobleized. The best part is listening to his schtick ideas evolve over time — he’s got a pretty solid handle on communication technology, and he doesn’t need to run down a list of every possible application.

So this morning I was listening to him talk about where mapping is going, talking about some of the possible uses of Google Maps‘ satellite views and Microsoft’s oncoming map bit. (Virtual Earth? Can we drop the word Virtual from all future coinages, please?)

The point? Mapping technology + GPS + RSS + Search = really good local information.

Will the source of this information be the local newspaper? The local TV station? Viewers like you?

I’m betting on Viewers Like You.