All Your iPod Are Belong To Us

So I have been the proud owner of a cute little iPod thingie for a couple weeks now, and I must make a confession: it’s half-full with music that my friends make. Yeah, I’m listening to a few podcasts, too, and some necessary and crucial items (Grey Album, live Ween and Wilco shows) — but the thing that actually gets me excited when it comes through the earphones while I’m on the treadmill (don’t look so shocked) or on the bus is music made by people I know personally.

The rundown:

  • Dan Winer has a couple tracks of his own available for download (bonus sample lyric from No Oxygen: “What’s the number that I should call/if you’re not capable of anything at all”), and a couple from Wrong. You must hear: Bedford Girls.
  • Carl Restivo has a new band called Klick. Jersey Girl and Hip-Hop in the Morning belong on radio/MTV right now.
  • Robbie Seahag always has masses of music bouncing around on his site. If you caught the Late Late Show a couple nights ago, you saw him on TV with Sound of Urchin. They’ve got a new record out.
  • Stephanie Casey and Fall of Snow are in a sort of incubation stage in Los Angeles – check out the tunes on their site or on their MySpace spot. I mucked up my plan to post the whole IM sequence with Steph from yesterday (by reflexively closing the window), but the pull quote went something like this:

    Ryan: this myspace music thing is pretty cool
    Steph: it totally rocks the freaking casa
    Ryan: can I quote you on that
    Steph: yeah, but change it to fucking

Rock ‘n’ Roll!