Digital Journalism Class

…not the Online Journalism class I’m taking next Fall, but this Spring’s Digital Journalism class at NYU: they’ve launched a webzine: This Is Not A Blog.

There’s about a dozen short articles, including bits profiling Romenesko and Craig Newmark, some web design ideas, and plenty about blogs.

The fun thing for me is to see what other online/internet/web/digital journalism classes turn out — the journalism itself seems alright (I’m not putting on my evil copy editor hat today), although I’ve got some reservations about the design (any particular reason for hiding the header way up there in the corner? I can’t look at it without trying to drag it out of there).

The class was taught by Patrick Phillips of I Want Media, and a January 2005 JD Lasica post on New Media Musings indicates that many of the sources quoted in the webzine stories were guest speakers.

It occurs to me now that there’s a difference between teaching how to write Online Journalism and teaching a class about what’s going on with Journalism online. Maybe I should go ahead and buy Prof. Craig’s book, eh?