Education + Technology

appleIn the interest of adding some context to anything I might write about Education as I experience it, here’s the short list of blogs I read about how technology is affecting education at all levels:

  • Ed-Tech Insider is an intersection of educators, technologists, and administrators all exploring how they can put emerging technology to use in the context of the existing educational sphere.
  • Jenny D. is working on a Ph.D. in Education but also has plenty to say about journalism. Jenny says: “I think schools have done a lousy job of educating disadvantaged kids in the past, and I think I can help fix it.”
  • Danah Boyd is a Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley, and although education is not her department, she has lots of insight into Academia, and writes often enough about classes she teaches or T.A.s for me to have tagged her as an educator/thinker. She’s currently on vacation, so check out her archives.
  • The Tablet PC Education Blog is a great source for little chunks of useful education software, ideas about how to use Tablets in teaching and learning, and copious links to fellow edu-techy types.

There’s plenty more – check out the links on these sites – the rabbit hole only gets deeper.