Ubiquitous Internet Access

Relevant to some of what we talked about in yesterday’s conversation/podcast, here’s something via David Weinberger from the Center for Media Research:

“93% of instructional rooms in public schools have Internet access, a serious rise from just 64% in 1999 and only 3% in 1994.”


At my junior high school, we had some Apples (not Macs) in a computer lab, where we were taught to use a little archaic animation program to tell a story. (Alex Wancier and I put a little horror movie of some sort together involving the music from Halloween which Alex knew how to play on the piano).

And of course there were a few in the library as well, and those must have had some sort of internet access, because that was how I found out that my Tradewars 2002 nemesis from a local BBS was in fact, an ubergeek from some of my classes. Take THAT Cavalier.