Yankees Beat Putz, Extend Win Streak To Nine

Shedding all illusions of objectivity, and getting under the skin of friends and family who root for that other team in the AL East, let me just say: WHOO-HOO!! NINE IN A ROW!! YEAH!! TAKE THAT!!

bernie williamsphoto by John Froschauer, AP

And yes, you read that headline correctly: hapless Seattle reliever J.J. Putz gave up his second game-losing grand slam of the week.

Putz via AP, on how this pitch to Bernie Williams differed from the one he threw to Trot Nixon on Saturday: “He described the pitch to Williams as nearly identical, except slightly off the plate. Nixon’s was over the middle.

And yes, I did spit when I typed the name of the hated Boston right-fielder (it’s so hard not sing the “horse’s ass” song sometimes…)

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