132 Mayors work around Bush on Kyoto

From the NY Times (7 days only!): Rebuffing Bush, 132 Mayors Embrace Kyoto Rules – Eli Sanders has the byline.

“The mayors, from cities as liberal as Los Angeles and as conservative as Hurst, Tex., represent nearly 29 million citizens in 35 states, according to Mayor Nickels’s office. They are pledging to have their cities meet what would have been a binding requirement for the nation had the Bush administration not rejected the Kyoto Protocol: a reduction in heat-trapping gas emissions to levels 7 percent below those of 1990, by 2012.”

As the great Samuel Nelson used to say: YES FELLAS!

This is a great example of how to get around national regulation at a community level. Wow, did I just say that? Too much Thomas Jefferson this semester, with more on the way this weekend as I work on apaper for that American Political Thought class…

Last year at the World Renewable Energy Conference with my wife the physicist, I heard all sorts of good things – but some of the best came from Jeremy Harris, then the mayor of Honolulu.
Former Honolulu Mayor Jeremy Harris
The basics? Lots and lots of people live in cities. We can make a difference with or without the federal government’s support.