On the lighter side: Kevin Smith blogs.

Enough warblogging. Here’s something that will weigh a little less heavily on your soul(s) dear reader(s): Kevin Smith is blogging.

For those who don’t know…ah well, you’ve probably seen one of his movies, or your brother or boyfriend or husband mumbles something about one from time to time, or you’re a full on Smithophile. Personally, I find that everyone has their one favorite Kevin Smith flick – I’m a Mallrats guy, myself.

I once had the opportunity to thank Kevin for Mallrats and I did.
I was in full-on dirty grip mode somewhere in New Jersey working on a music video from the Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back soundtrack. No, not the “I Got High” one, but the one that played at the end of the movie where they were kicking everyone’s asses – I don’t really remember it that well, but the point is: I walked up to Mr. Smith, extended my pretzel-free hand and said “Thank you for Mallrats.”

Mr. Smith gave a little sort of Silent Bob incredulous look at my hand, noticed the lack of a pretzel, shook it, and I’m pretty sure he shrugged and said “You’re welcome.”

So I’ve got that goin’ for me.

But his blog is a continuous life diary type thing, which is fun.

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  1. Ryan – I’m coming out to Santa Cruz October, and Clerks is still my favorite. how can you beat the original? “i like to think I’m the master of my own destiny”


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