The Annotated New York Times

Whoa. Scoble does (whoops, left something out) DOES NOT think this awesome site is as cool as Memeorandum, but I side with Steve Rubel on this one.

The Annotated Times throws together aggregates a page of NY Times stories along with a link to blogs that are linking to each story.

What’s more, there’s a list of about a zillion RSS Feeds, where you can subscribe to either the NYT on a certain subject (as broad as “Elections” or as narrow as “Assassinations and Attempted Assassinations”) OR the blogs that are linking to/commenting on the NYT stories on said subject.

It’s the coolest news & commentary site I’ve seen yet.

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  1. […] Personally, after touting it right here, I stopped paying attention to the Annotated Times page, probably because it still felt like I was reading the conversation through the lens of the NYT.  I’m not a huge Memeorandum fan, although I do subscribe to the technology feed. I haven’t looked that closely at Tailrank, although the popular stories feed it puts out does look rather useful to me.  Too many clicks to get past the filter to the story though. […]


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