Current Work

What I’m working on this week:

–Finished reading The Future Of The Mass Audience, starting my powerpoint presentation of half of it for my grad class. Check out the beyond bullets blog to get an idea of where I’m headed with my presentation style, which, of course, does not exist, because I have never done this before. Yes, in just 11 days I will no longer be a powerpoint virgin.

–Reading the newest version of Bagdikian’s Media Monopoly – I read a pressing of it from 1984 or so over Christmas, and all I can say is gee whiz has the bitterness built up in Ben over the years. Seriously, wouldn’t you be pissed if in the 20 years since you had written this book the first time the number of media conglomerates which control the majority of what we humans see, read, hear, and possibly think had shrunk from 50 to 5? How many big media conglomerates will there be in 20 more years? .5?

–Finished reading The Cluetrain Manifesto, not for class but just for actual enrichment. I highly recommend it to anyone into Marketing or PR in any form.

Time out, why is there a big stinging wasp-like thing in my house? Crap.

Okay, she’s out safely in the garden.

Anyway, I’m keeping pretty busy with school – in addition to the aforementioned reading, the Term Paper for my grad class is looming large, and the day before my presentation of the Mass Audience book I have an in-class essay-style midterm in my American Political Thought class. Federalist Papers, here I come! Remember, Madison is a jerk, but not as much of a jerk as Hamilton.

Off to work…