Still In Recovery Mode

We’re no wild party people, but I am still recovering from the lack of sleep and sensory onslaught of hanging out in Vegas for a few days. The coolest part of the whole thing was seeing my mom give her presentation at WPPI in front of 200-300 people.

These people were taking notes. I’m not sure I have ever written down anything my mom said. Lots of fun selling her stuff, too. What’s more fun than watching people learn from your mom? Selling them the tutorial cd so they can learn more.

Anyway, Las Vegas is everything Baudrillard would expect: no reality necessary, just a thin plastic sheet that resembles reality and takes all your money. (Actually, we left $16 up, but that’s irrelevant. Thank you Aztec-themed slot machine.)

By the way, everything in Vegas is “just through the casino,” but the veteran employees will never actually use those words. The lifers just point you in a direction and assume the casino will appear to be as invisible to you as it is to them.

For the record, I only saw ONE Elvis Impersonator, and I was unimpressed.