Sound of Urchin

Stuck in my head = Spirit of the Radio by Rush (trust me, you know the song: the words of the prophets profits are written on the studio walls) as covered by Sound of Urchin with Jack Black not resisting the urge to join them on stage. The Urchin in question is a band that Robbie Seahag plays guitar in now, but I do not know if he was present for any of the famed “opening for Tenacious D” gigs… the Urchin/Black mp3 is here.

1 thought on “Sound of Urchin”

  1. haha. No, Ryan, I wasn’t in the band for the Black/Urchin cover, but we still cover it. And i’m sure if mr. black was in the house he would still wanna make it up to the stage! I miss ya man!!! Can’t wait to get back to Santa Cruz!!!!


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