Library Study Time

Spending the afternoon, as usual, at the library in full-on-study/clearly-not-addicted-to-my-feeds-via-bloglines mode.

I usually glance around at what people are reading/studying/clearly-not-studying around me, and the glaring amusements today = a girl with her highlighter out and textbook open, unabashedly watching a full episode of Smallville on her laptop + the guy about 4 feet away from me right now with a book entitled XML and PHP. Now I admit to not knowing as much technical gibberish about how this blog/rss/aggregation thing works – but I do feel good knowing that the technology is mainline enough that some computer science major knows the language. Of course, I know nothing about this. New disclaimer: I Am Not A Programmer. (IANAP).

Yes, she’s still watching Smallville.

Update: PHP serves all sorts of current web-purposes, and almost seems comprehensible to me, which means it’s both more complicated and simpler than I thought. This is why I never got past DOS BASIC.