Notes on getting serious about staffing for online news

Mark Potts on what it takes to shift a news organization’s focus from print to Web:

“How many newspapers have a sizable staff responsible for managing print circulation? All of them of course. Now, how many have even one staff member responsible for managing online distribution via RSS, e-mail or Facebook? Damn few.

How many newspapers have a department devoted to fixing and painting news boxes? Just about all newspapers of any size. Now, how many have any staff devoted to thinking about how to optimize their site’s placement in Web searches? Not many.

How many newspapers have an advertising production staff that can churn out a good-looking ad for any advertiser? It’s essential, of course. Now, how many have anybody thinking about new forms of Web advertising that take advantage of tools like search, widgets, Flash, interactivity, data-mining, etc.? Very few.”

Read the whole thing at Recovering Journalist.

Making online journalism — Part 5 — Teaching Online Journalism

“The key here is recognizing that one person alone is not going to start the story — or finish it. To get from the reporting to the Web site calls for at least two people in probably 90 percent of cases where the story is anything beyond plain text.”

Making online journalism — Part 5 — Teaching Online Journalism