Randomer than you

In the process of making some sort of point about “random story” buttons on news sites this morning, I added one to this blog. It’s up top in the nav for now. Look for the obviously labeled link that says “Random Post.” Or just click on this thing: But let’s be honest. This isn’t a […]

A Newsstand for the Tablet that might work

“Newsstand” by triin on Flickr. Mario Garcia probably believes the lifespan (halflife?) of print newspapers will stretch out ever so slightly longer than I believe, but I’m constantly inspired by his original thought about the problems associated with sustaining any version of the existing structure of journalism, assuming for the moment that it’s a good […]

Muxtape as a model for an anti-recommendation engine

Muxtape has my attention. It’s not terribly social. It’s not much of a network. In fact, it’s so devoid of features, there’s little to distract you from listening to music, which is what you showed up to do. The front page of the site is dead simple: A colorful list of mixtapes to listen to, […]

Search drives serendipity, a continuing conversation

[Ed. note: This is the text of an e-mail I sent in reply to a comment a J-School professor from the University of Florida left on a post from a couple months ago regarding Serendipity on the Web. Part of his reply is posted at the end of this post.] Hi Prof. McKeen – Thanks […]

Serendipity on the Web

Steven Johnson, author of Everything Bad is Good for You, makes an effort to do away with the vicious rumor that the Internet, Web, RSS, blogs, etc. have killed serendipity. For the uninitiated, or those who merely like words such as “ephemeral” or “paradigm” but try not to get bogged down in definitions, serendipity is […]