Links that redefine news

Wednesday night, I’ll be speaking with Steve Sloan’s New Media class at San Jose State University. I’m planning to show off some of the best of your work. Yes, you. I’m looking for online news sites and projects that stray from the traditional definition of news. I’m assuming these journalism students get enough Gloom & […]

If you don’t get unbundled media, you’re not selling attention*

Command-and-control, top-down, masthead mass media is dead. Seriously. It’s over, and the readers/users/viewers won. And without getting all “Information wants to be free,” I’ll just say that if you don’t get what Howard** and Zac are talking about here, it’s time for you to start understanding it. Take Howard’s advice, young journalists: “Blogs should be […]

The fundamentals of structured data

Still wondering how to cram all these cool new Web-based tools and toys into your newspaper’s content management system? What, you mean it didn’t come with a database to manage all those user-submitted photos you’re getting through your MySpace page? Even if you’re not quite that friendly with the social-networking set yet, chances are you’ve […]

New Media class at SJSU

Journalism 163, taught by Steve Sloan and Cynthia McCune (at least one section – are there others?), opens for business at SJSU this week. It’s hard to give this thing a name, and I don’t want to contribute any more than I already have to the handwringing and head-scratching over what it should be, or […]

10 things I heard at the AEJMC convention today

Let me tell you about my first time … at the AEJMC convention. Seriously, I had never been to a conference or convention that was about my own field before today. I mean, I’ve hung out with the physicists and the photographers and maybe even the real estate data information professionals back when I was […]

Computer assisted reporting 2.0

Now that the SJSU J-School is cooking up a New Media class for next semester, which I’ve suggested should be mostly a practical lab for future online editors, it’s time to start thinking about the next step in revising the curriculum. Which, of course, it’s not my job to do, but I haven’t let that […]

More talk about new media classes

Steve Sloan has posted the second half of the Pizzacast, a discussion about a New Media class to be offered next semester in SJSU’s J-School. I’m going to stand by my idea that this class should be a training ground for Online Editors going on to student media, in the way that the 133 Copy […]

Pizzacasting for answers

I had an interesting time last night at the Pizzacast session. It was a small group with a wide range of interests (journalism, public relations, computer science, theater, business, aggregators), and the conversation ranged wildly from the on-topic question of what to teach in the upcoming New Media class at SJSU’s j-school, to some pleasantly […]