My advice to journalism students

I’ve been through most of this before, either in blog posts or in person, whenever I get the chance to talk with journalism students, but it’s worth repeating. A few tweets this week seem to have proved that, so I’m putting this updated compendium of my advice together for posterity. My advice to journalism students […]

If you think online news is difficult…

If using a Web-based content management system is difficult, try putting together a print edition in an old version of Quark and then come back and tell me how hard it is to push the Publish button. If editing video takes too long, then go back to developing your own prints in the darkroom. If […]

May Carnival of Journalism

I’m jumping the gun on putting up this post to serve as the center ring for the May Carnival of Journalism. Earlier today, I asked the list of carnivalers to consider answering this question at the core of driving innovation at mainstream news organizations: What should news organizations stop doing, today, immediately, to make more […]

Next Newspaper

Funny thing about the newspaper business. If you’re interested in innovation, you find yourself constantly trying to demonstrate the present to people with their feet (and desks, workflow, and hierarchy) planted firmly in the past. And while The Future of Newspapers mostly gets ink for being bleak, the future of news does not blink, or […]