Must-read post for journalism school students and faculty members – YES, YOU.

Mindy McAdams, online journalism prof at the University of Florida, writes this plea to J-Schools: Getting (and keeping) a job in journalism. Highlight: “If a student in a j-school today thinks it is okay NOT to learn how to make Web pages, NOT to shoot video, NOT to gather audio, NOT to read and write […]

That Master of Science degree I’m working on looks pretty good right about now

Lots of uplifting statistics in the latest Grady College/University of Georgia survey of j-school graduates, but my favorite is the part about how much grad students are making out of the gate: “Master’s degree recipients in 2005 reported a median salary of $37,000, up from $33,000 in 2004. The 2005 figure was the highest reported […]

Search drives serendipity, a continuing conversation

[Ed. note: This is the text of an e-mail I sent in reply to a comment a J-School professor from the University of Florida left on a post from a couple months ago regarding Serendipity on the Web. Part of his reply is posted at the end of this post.] Hi Prof. McKeen – Thanks […]

Blog research at the AEJMC convention

For next week’s trick, I’ll be both a reporter and a student at the AEJMC convention. I’m planning on showing up Thursday morning to the citizen journalism session and later in the day for the “What’s Next for Newspapers and for Journalism Education? – A Continuing Discussion” session. Of course, I might want to duck […]

This year’s big “duh”

Last year, the big “duh” was the raging irrational debate over whether blogs were journalism. Answer? If you write journalism, it’s journalism. If you record journalism, it’s journalism. Doesn’t matter what medium you choose to display it in, doesn’t matter if you’re the San Jose Mercury News or Grade the News or Rocketboom — it’s […]

Vendor sports, SJSU style

I’ve now written stories for the Spartan Daily about Microsoft, Google, and Apple. Is Yahoo next? Thankfully, no. But I’ll keep an eye out, so I can hit the superfecta. For the record, every single student who has talked to me about the iTunes U story has said something to the effect of “So we […]