WikiLeaks and Julian Paul Assange

Reading the New Yorker’s piece on WikiLeaks, it’s hard to decide whether I’m reading about freedom fighters, skilled propagandists, or as is often the case, both. Without looking too deeply, I believe in what WikiLeaks is trying to do, but I’m profoundly worried to see here, for example, Tor server traffic mined for data. That’s […]

Raising an eyebrow in Arizona

The Phoenix New Times is facing grand jury subpoenas of all sorts of crazy crap after publishing a county sheriff’s home address. Read the whole story (warning – your IP address might end up part of these legal proceedings) in the New Times for all the sordid details, but the rather absurd money quote is […]

A couple of moments with the president | Rhode Island news | Rhode Island news | | The Providence Journal

“WPRI-TV, Channel 12 reporter Jarrod Holbrook had his White House press pass snatched after he shouted “Mr. President!” twice as President Bush greeted Air and Army National Guardsmen gathered on the tarmac at the Air National Guard base in Quonset.” A couple of moments with the president | Rhode Island news | Rhode Island news […]

Scary stuff for journalists: the Feds are tracking your calls, too

ABC News blog The Blotter is reporting that a “senior federal law enforcement official” told them the federal government is running the whole caller-ID data mining trip on journalists in an effort to track down their confidential sources. Other sources have told us that phone calls and contacts by reporters for ABC News, along with […]