Narrative journalism conference at SJSU Saturday

From the JMC Journal: Host: AAJA SF Bay Area and SJSU Location: SJSU – Dwight Bentel Hall, 100 Washington Square, San Jose, Calif. When: Saturday, November 11, 9:30am Phone: 650-906-7818 Cost: $10 for AAJA and SJSU members and students; $15 for non-members. Breakfast and lunch provided. Hmm. With kickoff moved back to 3pm, you could […]

Wabbit season, duck season, conference season, soccer season

I missed Vloggercon and Bloggercon. Gnomedex was too far away. The World Cup – also a bit of distance to cover (Yeah, so we were in Italy for most of it, but who’s counting.). Okay, that wasn’t a conference, and I did manage to watch quite a bit of it, including the final (Forza Azzurri!). […]

Who Needs Ink? Ceppos, Gillmor, and more at a panel talk tonight, free for students

There’s a Commonwealth Club event on the Future of Newspapers tonight at San Jose City Hall. It’ll cost non-members $15, which I think is a little weird for a public event at City Hall, but whatever. It’s free for students, so check that link and read the fine print. I called the number and left […]