Myths and Realities of Convergence – Nieman Reports

Randy Covington in the Winter 2006 ‘Goodbye Gutenberg’ issue: “The truth is convergence costs money because usually it requires additional staff and more technology….Convergence needs to be undertaken as a growth strategy, not a cost-cutting measure.” Myths and Realities of Convergence – Nieman Reports

I dreamt I was in a social media class…

…and the textbook was the Henry Jenkins book which has been sitting relatively uncracked on my bedside shelf for a couple months now. Does that mean I’m supposed to read it, or that the Mass Communications program at school should have a social media class? Luckily, I don’t have time to think about that. I […]

Vanderbilt student media site opens up to the community

In Nashville, Vanderbilt University‘s student newspaper has completely retooled and reimagined what a college media Web site should look like and what its purpose should be in the university community. is the result. Straight news and blogs written by the staff mingle with reader photos, stories, and blogs. The site is run with Drupal, […]

10 things I heard at the AEJMC convention today

Let me tell you about my first time … at the AEJMC convention. Seriously, I had never been to a conference or convention that was about my own field before today. I mean, I’ve hung out with the physicists and the photographers and maybe even the real estate data information professionals back when I was […]

Online and print partying together

via E&P: Editors from the Washington Post and USA Today talk about “the continuous news desk” and “platform-agnostic coverage” on a panel at an Interactive Media conference. One j-school professor in the audience asked what the panelists were looking for in young journalists — should they already be focusing on multi-tasking, shooting video and the […]