Day ten

Dear diary,

Today I unfollowed like a thousand people on Twitter.

Honestly, who were all those strangers? On one hand, I followed many people for many reasons, and didn’t feel like I added too much mental overhead to my life by clicking the follow button.

OTOH tho, omg that was a lot of strangers to follow, and in the end, I found I was making myself anxious not knowing who it was OK to fave or reply to or RT, and during actual news events it just got silly.

So I’ve brought it down to somewhere near 700, I think, and I could certainly go further.

It was striking, though, looking at descriptions as I did it, just how many people are, like me (more or less) “taking a break from Twitter.”

I wonder, does this happen every year? Is this our way of going to the gym in January now?

Oh, also, if you think you’re clever and do a little syllable switching to be funny, you end up “breaking a take from Twitter” which is the exact opposite of what I want to do right now.

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