Day four

Me: Has a stubborn cold throughout holiday season.

Also me: Stubbornly consumes a large percentage of the gluten, sugar, and dairy laden holiday foods in the house.

Every time I’ve opened Twitter on my desktop this week, it’s 90 percent people dunking on people and 10 percent AOC dancing. Guess which I prefer?

I’m allowing myself a really limited amount of faves when I open Twitter on desktop. (I usually fave a LOT of tweets.) Kinda feel like cutting it back to one a day and really making a conscious choice about it ugh.

Please enjoy this selfie from the streets of Montreal last August, with a notably full beard, after going almost straight from the family beach vacation to the all-team work meetup.

I’ve been thinking about what to do with all the family photos we have on Flickr and Facebook. More on that another day.

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