Hardly strictly the oldest person in the room

I’m genuinely excited to be on the short list of attendees at the round table Dave Cohn has been putting together at the University of Missouri’s Reynolds Journalism Institute later this month: Hardly Strictly Young.

Those of you who read this blog regularly (ahem, both of you) have probably spotted a monthly Carnival of Journalism post here for the last few months. As it turns out, those questions are the topics of conversation for the conference, which bears a tagline along these lines: “Alternative recommendations to implement the Knight Commission report.”

So, I suppose it could come off  we’re marginalizing ourselves a little bit. We’re the young change agents agitating for alternatives?

Maybe. But I’d bet the Knight Foundation has an action item on their list somewhere: Get input from young change agents. 😉

Happy to oblige.


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6 replies on “Hardly strictly the oldest person in the room”

  1. Clearly the programmers in the group (me and Boyer) haven’t learned to write a proper full-length bio. Or maybe we’re just the last defenders of brevity. Either way, looking forward to this.

    1. Heh, mine dates back to a couple job switches ago. It’s a bit puffy, I’m afraid.

  2. The youngest person, I believe, was going to be Conor Sullivan White – but I recently found out he can’t come. I think you dear Lauren might win now.

    But it’s hardly strictly young. We were looking more for a mindset than an age-limit.

    I heart you all.

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