10 little white lies you hear about the future of newspapers

  1. Print is dead.
  2. Journalism is dying.
  3. Paid online content will save newspapers.
  4. No one will pay for online news.
  5. You haven’t tried anything.
  6. You should try everything.
  7. We’ve tried everything.
  8. We’ve certainly tried that before, and it didn’t work then, so it won’t work now.
  9. This is all corporate media’s / Google’s / Craig’s / Bush’s / Obama’s / the economy’s / the Internet’s / journalists’ / management’s / education’s fault.
  10. No one will miss newspapers when they’re gone.


12 thoughts on “10 little white lies you hear about the future of newspapers”

    1. @adrian – Hey, no fair omitting the twin: “12. Social media is a waste of your news staff’s time.” ūüėČ

      Hey, and while you’re here:

      13. If journalism schools would just teach computer science, a thousand databases would bloom.


      14. Journalism schools should stick to the basics — that’s what they’re good at. (Or maybe that counts as two?)


  1. “9. This is all corporate media‚Äôs / Google‚Äôs / Craig‚Äôs / Bush‚Äôs / Obama‚Äôs / the economy‚Äôs / the Internet‚Äôs / journalists‚Äô / management‚Äôs / education‚Äôs fault.”

    BLOGGERS! You forgot bloggers! It’s THEIR fault!


  2. I love that I’ve completely lost track of which comment is an actual sentiment, and which is an additional “little white lie.”

    Number your lies, people! ūüėõ


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