Suzanne Yada recommends you grow a pair

From Suzanne Yada’s resolutions for journalism students in 2009, this bullet point:

“Grow some cojones.
Let me level with you. The world doesn’t need more music reviewers or opinion spouters. The world needs more people willing to ask tough questions. The first step to reversing journalism’s tarnished image is to have the guts to dig for information the public can’t easily find themselves, and be an advocate of unbiased, straightforward truth.”

A damn fine idea.  Knowing the classrooms and newsrooms she’s working in, it makes even more sense.

Bonus link: The Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University is hiring a “Database Journalism Professor.”

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4 replies on “Suzanne Yada recommends you grow a pair”

  1. Wow! Thanks for the shoutout. I’m still not done; I’m working on a big fat post on networking right this moment. Stay tuned!

  2. My pleasure Suzanne.

    @everyone – I fixed the bonus link, which leads to a Poynter job board posting.

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