Further notes on how investigative journalism continues in online-only news organizations

From a New York Times story on VoiceOfSanDiego.org and other onlne-only local news organizations doing original reporting and investigative journalism:

The people who run the local news sites see themselves as one future among many, and they have a complex relationship with traditional media. The say that the deterioration of those media has created an opening for new sources of news, as well as a surplus of unemployed journalists for them to hire.

“No one here welcomes the decline of newspapers,” said Andrew Donohue, one of two executive editors at VoiceofSanDiego. “We can’t be the main news source for this city, not for the foreseeable future. We only have 11 people.”

Eleven people.  Only?  For those of you taking notes, that’s an online-only news organization with 11 employees in one city.  Elsewhere, in the caption of the photo in the story, this gem:

“Its audience is small, about 18,000 monthly unique visitors”

18,000 uniques!  That measures up pretty well against plenty of small-to-medium newspapers with decades of history and a big, heavy press in the back room, even if that’s just a small slice of the local market in San Diego.

via @journalismnews

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