Print is dead. Long live print!

A brief inventory.

Things I never read in print anymore:

  • Bank statements
  • Newspapers
  • Opinions

Things I always read in print:

  • Books
  • Alt-weeklies
  • Magazines

Things I often read in print, but not always:

  • Recipes

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6 replies on “Print is dead. Long live print!”

  1. I would generally agree with that list. I’ve read newspapers in print when I’ve worked for them and because of the comics section when I was younger.

  2. This is about where I am, too. But I’ve been giving some thought lately to the Kindle. I don’t see it eliminating paper books completely, but maybe more and more so over time. (I have yet to investigate whether my library has a way of loaning e-books… perhaps by download?)

    As you know the alt-weekly scene here in Miami leaves something to be desired, but in any case I see that moving online over time, too. Same for magazines to a lesser extent (the best magazines combine design photography and text in ways that just doesn’t translate to the internet).

    What’s particularly interesting is the prospect of having a portable, easy-on-the-eyes screen for browsing the text-based internet (eg in particular newspaper sites), because I understand the Kindle comes with some sort of limited internet-browsing ability built in.

    BTW, I recently did a 13-week subscription of the paper Herald, and what a disaster that was… I hardly ever even opened it, and then they extended my subscription and repeatedly called me trying to get me to pay for it.

  3. Incidentally, college newspapers didn’t cross my mind here, but they fit into a time-sensitive category that goes something like this:

    Things I read in print every day when I was on campus, but read online-only now.

    The local newspaper where you grew up might fit into this category as well, depending on your age.

  4. For my list, delete recipes. I’m a big cooking enthusiast and I get all of my recipes online now. When I think of it, I share them on delicious, which kind of fits, I think.

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