Server shuffle

I’ve moved this here blog and most everything else at,, and a domain to be named later off to WebFaction ‘s servers.

So far, so good. WebFaction support is already impressive, hitting me up with detailed instructions on how to easily import my WordPress database using ssh.  (Yes, I used the command line.  Be proud of me.)

That said, forgive me if I haven’t had time yet to get all my static files in place, and your DNS may vary, so if something doesn’t ring up quite right the first time, just bang on your favorite refresh button.

Thanks for your patience, pardon our dust, mind the gap, etc.

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One reply on “Server shuffle”

  1. Good job on using SSH! Now if only we can get you into some Django…

    BTW: I’ll be following you to WebFaction as soon as I can get my applications organized.

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