ReportingOn prototype mockup

Just a glance of the mockup I built tonight.*

Click to enlarge…

ReportingOn prototype mockup 400px wide

This might give you an idea of how I’ve been imagining (and diagramming in mindmaps/on napkins) the structure of the site.

*(…in Coda, not Photoshop. HTML and CSS that I can build into a Drupal theme.)

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6 replies on “ReportingOn prototype mockup”

  1. One thing that’s obviously missing here is a box to post your update in, right there on the homepage. I’ll work on that…

  2. Looking very good Ryan.

    Curious about the distinction between reader requests and popular topics.

    But in general – it’s looking really good.

  3. @Mindy – That’s the idea, but keep in mind it will only work if reporters are willing to open up their notebooks a bit.

    @Digidave – As we’ve talked about before, I’m curious as well about exactly how to fit the readers’ input in, philosophically and technically.

    My thought the distinction:

    ‘Popular topics’ (nomenclature could change 19 times) are the most popular tags – the most common answers to ‘What are you reporting on?’

    In theory, readers should be updating as well, posting short, tagged answers to a question like ‘What do you want to know more about?’

    Or does that belong somewhere else? Still trying to work out the best way to let members of both clubs party together, but wear different name tags. Is that the right track?

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