ReportingOn 0.2: Connect with Twitter

From the message I sent to members of the What Are You Reporting On? Facebook group yesterday:

The initial, humble little piece of integration with Twitter is live now at Twitter integration

If you look at the right side of the page there, you’ll see a list of all the recent tweets sent to @reportingon. If you have a Twitter ID, try it out by posting a message like “@reportingon working on a review of There Will Be Blood.”

Your message will show up at

I’m working on ways to let you subscribe to all those replies by RSS or Twitter.

Thanks for participating – I hope to see you all making connections with other reporters at

If you don’t have a Twitter account yet, sign up for free at

The next step will be a site with groups where you can share your strategies and sources for working your beats with peers at other news organizations, in other towns and around the world.

I’m going to leave it at that for the moment.

In the immediate future, I’m still working on:

  • Using the Twitter API to get this done instead of piggybacking on existing services that use the API themselves.
  • Pushing the @reportingon tweets back out to users following ReportingOn, which in turn would make it easy to…
  • Push @reportingon tweets out by RSS

Please feel free to add your feedback here, in the comment thread at, or e-mail me about it at


2 thoughts on “ReportingOn 0.2: Connect with Twitter”

  1. For me the most useful possibility would be to subscribe to certain geographic regions.

    Perhaps this can be done with users “tagging” their Twitter name in ReportingOn with a location such as “philadelphia”. That way journalists and non journalists alike can have an RSS feed or SMS alerts whenever something is going down around them.


  2. @Sean – That’s absolutely positively going to be a feature of the more fully-featured that exists mostly in my head and some diagrams and mockups at the moment.


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