I’m exactly as pompous as I sound. No more, no less.

If, for any reason, you can’t get enough of me prattling on and on about the future of newspapers in text, you can enjoy 33 minutes of me getting interviewed by Cameron Reilly, who apparently is the king of all podcasting in Australia.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve heard me say all this stuff before, but you can have the pleasure of hearing me nose-breath through the first three things on that list I made until Cameron cues me to pull the mic back. (Now I know what Hugh was doing wrong on all those Gillmor Gangs).

A few references I made in the podcast and one correction:

This was lots of fun – Cameron puts together a great podcast – check out G’day World and the rest of the shows at The Podcast Network.

1 thought on “I’m exactly as pompous as I sound. No more, no less.”

  1. I think this sounding pompous in podcasts is something that needs more research. Having just been accused of it myself I’m worried that there is something in the syndication process that adds it in. 🙂

    Great stuff as always Ryan.


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