Five doing something right

After my little dust-up this morning and a busy day at work, I’m in no mood for negativity, or even handwringing, so without further mealymouthedness, here are five doing something right:

  1. Lawrence Journal-World redesigns: From the heartland of Django and grid design comes something clean and bright, as it should be.
  2. All Things D: From the Wall Street Journal comes this news/blog/video site (is there anything it can’t do?) linked to a big conference that all the really really cool kids get to keynote. Matt says it’s running on WordPress MU. Of course. Check out the Brightcove-powered video, in which the reporter reads off his monitor while looking into the conveniently placed webcam. Not so hard, is it?
  3. Chris Amico: Isn’t the first expat/traveler in China I’ve read, but for someone I’ve never met, his writing makes a lot of sense to me. Check out this post on a Three Language Daze. I had a chance to learn some Chinese in elementary school, and you can tell I didn’t take it because I’m clueless enough not to specify which flavor of Chinese Mrs. Hagan was teaching.
  4. Angela Grant: Ditches Blogspot, becomes, switches to WordPress, proving that she takes her blog as seriously as her biting critiques of your newspaper video. Keep it up.
  5. You: Yes, you, if you’re a journalism (or computer science) student who takes Rob Curley up on his offer. Here’s a hint: When the Washington Post calls with an internship, you pick up the blog post and send Rob something impressive.

Tell me about someone, somewhere, something else doing it right to finish up the work week. Heck, tell me about five.

Should I tag five bloggers and make this into some sort of positive-thinking meme? Um, no. But feel free.

Imagine I tagged you, and write about five right things you saw this week. Do it now.

5 thoughts on “Five doing something right”

  1. Thanks Ryan!

    I’d like to give a shout out to Chuck Fadely for creating the Newspaper Video Yahoo Group. It is such an amazing resource! I’ve learned a lot from it.

    Also MultimediaShooter–how the hell does he find all those awesome links? I really want to know.


  2. Thanks for the props. Give my best to Roger (if he remembers me) and Jondi (who should have just gotten a big email) at the Sentinel.


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