Mad props where mad props are due

Sorry, I don’t hand out ‘kudos’ or ‘credit’ or ‘congrats’ or ‘Pulitzer Prizes,’ I hand out Mad Props, a turn of the phrase which at once reveals the extent of my whiteness and revels in it.

Mad Props to:

  • for multimedia coverage of the school shootings in their backyard today. The first time I checked their site this morning, there was already audio, video, photo, and text live, and the story had been packaged to dominate the featured and breaking news areas of the home page.
  • Virginia Tech’s student newspaper, the Collegiate Times, for finding a way to get updates up on a different site after their own server got toasted with traffic after the news of the shootings broke.
  • Shaminder Dulai for busting his ass at his internship and putting up with all the public critique – constructive or not – that comes with putting your images on the page with words someone else wrote.
  • Yvonne Pingue, former Spartan Daily page designer, for landing one of 30 Gannett Information Center internships.
  • Kurt Vonnegut, for everything. I’m still waiting for a presidential candidate who has the balls to say: “Go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut. Go take a flying fuck at the mooooooon!”
  • posters who pointed me to a great and tiny Salvadoran place for dinner near Maggie Mudd’s in San Francisco. Pupusas appear to be the Salvadoran equivalent of Venezuelan arepas, and this pleases me to no end.
  • My fellow graduate students who are presenting their work at school tonight and tomorrow. I know “work” isn’t a good enough excuse to skip it, but I’m going to take a pass this semester. I hope to see you all soon.

That’s all for now. Feel free to hand out mad props of your own.

2 thoughts on “Mad props where mad props are due”

  1. Pupusas!!! I miss them so much! If you ever visit D.C., drop me a line. My favorite little pupuseria is just outside Adams-Morgan. Better than arepas! Mucho!


  2. Now you’re going to get me in trouble con mi familia. Yo no dije que pupusas son mas ricas que arepas. Nunca puedo decir esto. Pero son buenas.


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