Why wouldn’t a journalist leave his job at the newspaper for the online newspaper?

Derek Willis, who blogs at The Scoop about investigative and computer-assisted reporting, announces his move from The Washington Post to…


The online operation of the paper happens across the river from the newsroom, with a different set of employees and editors, and Derek has taken the step of packing up his skills and crossing over to the Web side, where his database-driven work will be presented in its native medium.

How many journalists do you know who could pull this off? How many have a Web-native skill to leverage?  Do you?  If not, it’s a good time to ask yourself two things: Why not? and Where can I learn one?

3 thoughts on “Why wouldn’t a journalist leave his job at the newspaper for the online newspaper?”

  1. Question: How many skills do you think an online editor/reporter needs? Is HTML and CSS enough? Do you need to know Flash, Photoshop and Premiere Pro as well? How about Sound Studio?

    All in all, working for the paper you do today, how much are they asking of their new talent? I ask because, to be honest, I want to stay ahead of the curb, and don’t really have any guidance as to how far to go or what aspects of the new media to pursue.



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